The 4 ‘C’s of Diamond Rings explained

Diamond rings are the not the kind of purchase that you will make every day. Diamonds are a very desirable jewel, but most people probably do not know very much about the differences there are between one diamond and another. To the naked eye, all diamond rings sparkle and look like a beautiful and classic piece of jewellery, but there are many differences between diamonds.

When you do find yourself in the market to purchase a diamond ring, you may hear people talking about the 4 ‘C’s. These are: cut, clarity, colour and carat– and once you have learnt about these, all must be given consideration if you want to purchase the best diamond that you can for your budget. A good jeweller, such as us at Marlows, a supplier of diamond rings, will explain these 4 ‘C’s in more depth to enable you to make an informed decision about your diamond engagement rings – and be happy with your choice.

As a guide, the cut of a diamond can be possibly the most confusing consideration when looking for a diamond – it may refer to several things – such as the shape or the diamond cutting style, or even process that has gone into the diamonds. The clarity of the diamond considers how many flaws there are in the diamond and the degree of these flaws. The colour of the stone means just that. Diamonds can have a yellow tone – and the more ‘colourless’ the diamonds are, the better the stones are considered to be. Finally, the carat refers to the weight, and every lady desires a large, heavy diamond on her finger.
It is a lot to keep in mind and it can be difficult to know if you have made the right decision – asking for a diamond certificate may offer the assurances that you need.

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