The benefits of marble in the construction of fireplaces

Fireplaces help create a feeling of homeliness, of ‘gathering around’ the hearth. A natural but sophisticated material such as marble provides the ideal frame for this important focal point in the main sitting room.

For centuries marble has enjoyed associations with opulence and sophistication. Palaces such as the amazing Taj Mahal, structures such as Marble Arch and statues including the Lincoln Memorial, are all made of marble. These associations still resonate today. To install a marble fireplace or marble fire surround is to psychologically ‘tap in’ to these associations both in yourself and in those who are guests in your home.

This is not to imply however that the use of marble is restricted to older fireplaces. On the contrary, marble, or its cultured format, micro marble, comes in a range of shades and colours that can lend themselves equally to modern and traditional decors. It can also be formatted to look either traditional in style or to incorporate sleeker, more modern lines.

Some people worry that marble, being a soft stone, will be difficult to clean.It is true that any stains in marble may require the use of a proprietary marble stain removal product, but general upkeep will usually require nothing more than a wipe with a warm damp cloth followed by a quick wipe to dry the stone again.

Installation of marble fireplaces and marble fire surrounds is surprisingly easier than most of us would at first think. At Marble Choice we can organise a delivery from a wide range of these fireplaces and surrounds direct to your home. This service we call ‘fireplaces direct.’

Even those who do not possess an existing fireplace or chimney can benefit from our service. All that is needed is to order an electric fire in addition to the fireplace and, in the case of fire surrounds, an appropriate back panel.

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