The best change in a tough job market

Today, no matter what your qualifications are, you compete with a large number of people across the world that have the same qualification as you. In our technological age there are no borders; people seek work globally and one of the non-negotiable essentials in finding a good job is having an online CV.

The problem is that most job seekers today have come to realise they need exposure, so you not only need an online CV; you need one that will make you stand out from the crowd. You need to draw and focus attention on what you have to offer prospective employers.

Make your mark and stand out

What you need is to create an online CV. Innovate CV gives you a wide spectrum of tools and benefits and not just a standard online CV. What we offer is chance to build a master online CV using the multimedia CV builder tool. You can incorporate audio and video into your CV so prospective employers can see and hear you.

You are given the space to upload qualifications and certificates as well as references. You can showcase samples of your work as well. Once you have uploaded your online CV we act as a portal from where you send it off directly from the website.

Your online CV can also be adapted to be sent easily, for instance you do not have to include all the audio and video. With your master CV in place prospective employers and recruiters have easy access to your information.

Your skills and what you have to offer is showcased in such a way that it makes it far more appealing to employers instead of simply a standard online CV. You owe it to yourself to give you the best shot at getting that dream job and we are the tool to use.

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