The British and their love affair with taking a bath

It’s strange isn’t it! Taking a bath in Roman Britain was commonplace but it has taken over 1500 years since the decline of the Roman Empire for it to become commonplace in Britain again. Up until post WWII, many houses did not have plumbed in bathrooms and certainly if most people felt the need to take a bath, it was a visit to the public bath houses or filling the tin bath in the kitchen.Of course, things have changed somewhat now.

Practically all houses in Britain have baths and showers and for modern Britons like the civilised Romans, bathing has become very much a part of life.

Taking a bath, however, still remains a very British preoccupation, and for many of us somewhat of a ritual. Although showers are used extensively, it is the physical act of soaking in a warm soapy tub surrounded by candles at the end of a hard day at the office that often appeals. The shower is, for some, the early morning shock into consciousness, whereas the bath is the relaxant which heralds bed and sleep. People who like a glass of wine in the bath are not unusual.

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