The most important and useful part of equestrian clothing is your helmet. If you are fond of a equestrian riding then you must have the proper clothing accordingly to be a safe and successful rider. You need to select and make assure yourself comfortable while on the saddle.

The equestrian clothing varies in price depending on a beginner rider or an advanced rider. The equestrian clothing is specially designed for the rider’s safety and comfort. It’s not necessary to buy the full equestrian clothing set for a beginner but a riding hat/helmet is always a must. The helmets are available in three different types:

1. Classic hat which has a hard peak.
2. Endurance skull protector which is very light and is similar to a cycle helmet.
3. Jockey cap which doesn’t has a peak

If you are a regular rider then you should purchase the full equestrian clothing. Jackets are one of the clothing amongst those which should be tight but comfortable. The jackets are also of three


1. Hacking jacket which is tweed in style.
2. Hunting jacket which is a plain jacket.
3. Show jacket, a single colored jacket.

Trousers are one such equestrian clothing and are of two types:

1. Breeches which are half trousers and are worn only with long boots.
2. Jodhpurs which are till the ankles and can be worn both with long and short boots.

Gloves are also important clothing in the equestrian clothing and should be worn while riding and these are like the normal gloves. And the last clothing is the riding boots and is of two types:

1. Long riding boots which covers the legs and are available in various styles.
2. Jodhpur boots which covers the ankles with a zip and are comfortable.

Besides these body protectors should be worn and proper care should be taken.

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