The history of fancy dress

Fancy dress is an institution that is beloved by the British and its popularity can be traced back as far as the Victorians. The British aren’t the only people who enjoy dressing up; ‘costume parties’, as they are known in America, are extremely popular especially around Halloween.

Dressing in fancy dress is a popular theme for parties because it brings everyone together in the combined effort – this is why it is such a no-no to wear ‘normal’ dress to a fancy dress party. It is also a great ice-breaker because it is impossible to not to relax when you are looking and feeling a bit silly and everyone else is too. (It’s also a great ice-breaker because everyone tends to have a few drinks to give them the courage to walk down the street dressed like Snow White.)

While you might expect women to really leap at the opportunity to dress up, you would be surprised at how many men enjoy a fancy dress party, and how many willingly put on a glitzy frock and some high heels.

Dressing up in fancy dress is a great way to encourage everyone to lose their inhibitions and let go, and they are often the parties that people remember.
Avoid the pitfalls though. Beware of leaving your costume shopping until the last minute, especially if the fancy dress party you are attending is to celebrate an occasion such as Halloween. Why? Because you won’t be the only person looking for a costume and you might find yourself wasting your Saturday in a queue to get into the shop only to come out with the worst costume in there.

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