The holy grail of jeans is closer than you think

Nearly all of us know just how terrible it is to find a new pair of jeans. It’s difficult enough to find trousers but finding the perfect pair of jeans sometimes feels impossible.

There are of course the lucky few who do not need much help in this department. Their svelte figures look fabulous in anything and yes, this includes jeans that would make even teenage girls decide to embark on a boot camp. So we all take it for granted that our bodies have to adapt to whatever jeans we find. And we castigate ourselves when we can’t squeeze into this season’s size 0. Isn’t it funny that we’re willing to give our clothes this much power over us? And then we aren’t guaranteed that it’ll be a design we even like.

The Uniqsize jeans and trousers, from Merrimondo, however, are different to anything else you have ever tried thus far. Perhaps you do not need your jeans to give you a shapelier derriere; perhaps you already have one but can’t find jeans that fit well around your waist. Or perhaps the shape and size of your thighs make you despair and you think you’re destined to a lifetime of A-line dresses.

So why force your shapely body into unshapely jeans? Well, it’s easy, really. There are basically 4 body types: apple, pear, rectangular, and hourglass. These 4 distinct body types are what most people fall into, with some overlap of the specific characteristics. Once you know which category you fall into, you’ll find it easier to find the jeans that will make you look WOW.

People with apple shapes tend to have skinnier legs and heavier chests. They look great in ‘Bell’ shape flare pants and bootcut pants that slim and elongate the body. Dolly Parton, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Tyra Banks are all famous apples.

People with pear shapes aren’t necessarily overweight; their lower halves are just heavier than their top halves. They should seek out bootcut and relaxed fit pants that will help to create a leaner look. Famous pear-shaped people are Mariah Carey, Shakira, and Beyonce.

People with rectangular bodies have fewer curves than the other body types boast of. They tend to look boyish and look best in skinny jeans, bootcut pants and especially low waisted jeans. Nicole Kidman, Rachel Hunter, and Cameron Diaz have this type of body.

Many of us think that people with hourglass figures have the perfect bodies: their bodies are well-proportioned between the body’s upper and lower halves. People with this type of body look fantastic in nearly everything. Kelly Brook, Angelina Jolie, and Marilyn Monroe have all been blessed with this shape.

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Gray and Osbourne wrote this article about Merrimondo and Uniqsize to show women that they can find the most perfect jean for their body.

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