The perfect diamond rings for your loved ones

Buying diamond rings for your loved one is a form of expressing your love that can be extravagant, personal and an unequalled gesture. When you choose the right diamond rings for a partner, you will have a wide selection to choose from when you visit our ROX website.

We have solitaire diamond rings. These are one of the most popular forms of engagement rings on the market today. Solitaire diamond rings have the diamond positioned at the centre of the band where it can catch the most light, making it eye-catching to friends and passers by. If you’re looking for an extra bit of sparkle to your diamond rings, the side stone diamond rings are an attractive alternative to the classic solitaire, with stones decorated around the side that add extra glisten and shine.

Trilogy diamond rings have a lot more symbolism than the average diamond rings. Trilogy rings have three stones in the centre, one emphasising the past, one for the present and, finally, one for the future. If you’re looking for less symbolism and a lot more sparkle, then cluster rings are the ultimate in extravagance and decadence with several beautifully cut and shaped diamonds adorning the band.

Getting back to symbolism, there are no diamond rings more symbolic than an eternity ring. Beautiful in stature, an eternity ring is the ultimate symbol of love and devotion that you can give to a partner. To show individuality, there are also right handed diamond rings for the lady who wishes to show how unique she is.

We have all of the above rings and more at ROX. Independent Retailer of the Year 2009, our store is situated in Scotland’s bustling Argyll Arcade, and we sell a range of excellent brands from behind our counters including Gucci, Hugo Boss and Emporio Armani diamond jewellery and watches. Visit our ROX website to find out more.

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