The River Nile

The River Nile is the longest river in the world and is approximately 4,160 miles long and the source is in Burundi in Central Africa. River Nile cruises make use of this natural way of seeing the spectacular country.

The Nile is considered to be the life blood of Egypt and it contributes to the success and failure of many aspects of agricultural life of this country. It allows for lushness around the riverbanks and the water from this river irrigates plant life and helps local wildlife to thrive and flourish.

The annual River Nile floods deposit mineral rich soil onto the river banks, making fertile growing land. The ancient Egyptians revered this river and believed it was the centre of the world and that the souls of the dead had to cross the Nile to the kingdom of the dead. Egyptian myths are beautiful and there are some similarities between what the ancient Egyptians believed and the tenets of Christianity. One of the many differences between the belief systems is that the Egyptians worshipped a plethora of gods.

In modern times, the Nile has been utilised to increase and enhance tourism in Egypt. River Nile cruises are becoming progressively more popular and more and more Egypt-bound tourists are opting for this type of holiday. These cruises allow any holidaymaker to experience more of Egypt than a more standard hotel holiday can offer.

As the Nile snakes its way through the heart of Egypt, a tourist can view many of the country’s most popular and well-known attractions. The great pyramids, the sphinx and other ancient sites can all be viewed from the River Nile and can be experienced within a very close proximity from this river.

At River Nile Cruise we can offer any holidaymaker Nile cruise deals which can allow them to experience the very best that glorious Egypt has to offer.

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