The sophistication of the leather bean bag chair

When considering the ultimate three piece suite, many would choose the leather chesterfield as being their suite of choice partly because of what it says about the sophistication and level of taste of its owner.

The robust design of a chesterfield, plus the ability of leather to get better not worse as it ages, creates furniture that transcends cultural changes of taste to become a domestic icon within the home. For many of us though, the leather chesterfield is far out of our reach, but other forms of leather chair in the form of bean bag chairs can create that certain je ne sais quoi that the chesterfield suite is able to- but, of course, for a fraction of the price.

It is the ability of soft leather to mould and stretch itself over time which makes it such a wonderful material of choice for the bean bag chair. Whether going for the extra high back or more rounded back, the strength and nature of real leather creates a feeling of confidence in which to sink into the leather bean bag chair at the end of a tiring day. Unlike the chesterfield, the effect doesn’t stop there. The polystyrene filling continues to rub tired and aching muscles every time the sitter moves to a new position.

Whether rightly or wrongly, the strength of leather made furniture always instils confidence and particularly in bean bag chair manufacture. Where sixties originals were often splitting and cascading polystyrene beads all over the floor, new manufacturing methods used by us at Cozibag offer sureties that our leather bean bag chairs are literally as safe as houses when it comes to strength and durability.

So although the leather chesterfield three piece suite is perhaps something we all aspire to, the smell, durability and functionality of a leather bean bag chair will provide a sophisticated and much cheaper alternative.

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