The unwritten karaoke etiquette

Karaoke can undoubtedly be a lot of fun, if you know how to join in the crowd. There are no hard and fast rules or prescribed etiquette as to how to behave in a karaoke bar. There are, however, some (usually unwritten) practices that are expected to be followed, at such hang-outs:

• Not many singers at karaoke bars are usually professionals. A good section of the crowd would be amateurs or wannabe-singers or people who just hop on to stage for a few moments of fun. The cardinal rule therefore is- do not boo or throw stuff at the singer even if it doesn’t pass your minimum standard for passable singing

• Clap politely at the end of the performances, and cheer raucously if the singing was good

• Do not barge on to the stage to sing along with the singer, unless you are invited

• Make sure you don’t get carried away once you get to the mike, and keep rooted on the stage singing song after song. People are waiting for their turn. Do not forget to pay attention that others also get a chance to try their skills

• Try your best to sing in tune and try to make a pleasant noise. You make have limited skills like the rest of us, but try to do the best with what you have got. Otherwise, you may have an unfortunate effect on the mood of the occasion. Don’t give yourself a hard time, though.

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