The Upper Body

For upper body strength you might need to combine different types of training. Let’s say you’re a rower or you just want to get an overall good look to your upper body. Most people accept that for endurance you should be concentrating on high repetitions with a light to moderate weight resistance. This is because for upper body strength you don’t want to look bulky especially if you want to combine endurance with muscle.

If it was just endurance you wanted to build up you’d be looking at quite a bit of circuit training. You would then have to use weights with the circuit training in order to help to go beyond simple endurance programmes and take the exercises to a higher level. However, a combination of light weight training with some good endurance training will help you gain upper body strength with endurance too.

The problem is often fatigue and here at we can help you with good energy supplements and sports supplements like Creatine which helps with developing strength. The upper body takes quite a lot of work but the rewards are amazing and you get some envious looks at the poolside.

Swimmers often use the combination of endurance training with light weights to increase their upper body strength. This combination allows them to focus their training and their sports supplements intake to the sport they are doing.

Subtle increases in a programme will help you to put together an advanced endurance training programme should you be a rower or swimmer. In advanced endurance training you still don’t put the weights onto maximum as this can detract from what you want to happen. Training the upper body for endurance is a very rewarding way to train. Setting goals along the way will keep your personal best times at the forefront of your mind.

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