The value of free studio time

Studio time is absolutely essential for any budding band or for anyone wishing to work in the music production industry.

Having access to a studio space and the equipment contained within it is a necessity for those who have aspirations to join the music industry. For students for instance who are enrolled on audio courses, time in the studio is a prerequisite. However, often booking time in a music studio can be extremely costly. For many students the cost of usable time in the studio can be completely out of reach.

Free studio time then, which may be offered by a college, is a real positive element to any music learning programme. Free studio time allows for the experimentation and sound trialling which would otherwise be too expensive if this time had to be paid for.

When using a recording studio for the first time, it is usual to spend a long time becoming familiar with the equipment and space. With free time, this process can be undertaken without hurrying, thus allowing a full familiarisation process which can pay off in the longer term.

The refining of a sound can be time consuming and the free time in a studio is invaluable in order to fine tune any melody or harmony.

Making the most of free studio time is something which can be done by being fully organised and prepared. Having details arranged such as which songs need recording and what kind of sound is required before entering the studio can go a long way in maximising any free studio time.

Here at Alchemea as well as offering a range of audio courses we also offer free studio time for our students. This time can be used for recording songs or for utilising equipment and we believe that this free time greatly enhances any music production course.

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