The Vaser Procedure and What It Involves.

These days, everyone’s looking for quick, easy and painless ways to improve their appearance. One of the most common requests is liposuction as a way to remove stubborn pockets of fat that exercise alone won’t fix, but now there’s an even more innovative procedure – Vaser.

Vaser Lipo Liposelection is a new technology that removes stubborn fat quickly and easily, whilst keeping other soft tissue intact. It leaves a much smoother, natural and more defined look, and being less invasive means that the side effects and bruising are both minimal.

The procedure involves the injection of a saline solution into the areas to be treated, and then probes are inserted that use ultrasonic waves to break up fat cells allowing them to be easily removed through suction. Once the treatment is over the healing process begins, during which time the skin retracts to give a smooth, even and natural-looking finish.

The whole process is a lot easier and less painful than liposuction, and the results are often far better. It allows the consultant to precisely target the areas that need to be treated, so there’s no danger of any puckered skin or lumps caused by the wrong areas being targeted.

The Vaser procedure should definitely be considered for anyone who has stubborn body fat that they just can’t shift. The minimal side-effects make it incredibly popular, and the fantastic results mean that it’s well worth the expense. Patients report a feeling of increased confidence following the procedure, so anyone looking for a way to improve their appearance as well as their self-esteem would be well advised to give it a go.

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