There is traditional furniture and there is the Chesterfield sofa

If you desire to enhance the décor of your room, there is a diversity of things you can do. Maybe you want a modern look, maybe you want a traditional appearance, but whatever effect you are chasing you need to get everything right to ensure maximum impact. For example, a traditional room can be matched with traditional furniture and you can obtain great results.

If this is the approach you are taking, a Chesterfield settee with its beautiful lines and good looks could be just what you want to complete the picture.

The Chesterfield can be compared to durable institutions like royalty. The Chesterfield style sofa is one example of good craftsmanship which lasts for years. The fourth Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a cabinet maker to produce a fine piece of well made furniture that would allow a person to sit upright and still feel comfortable. The result was the Chesterfield sofa.

Once the word spread about, you would find Chesterfield furniture appearing in private medical reception rooms and in offices of wealthy businessmen.If you were to describe this grand piece of furniture you would say the sofa is durable due to the back and the arms being at the same level. The seats are low to achieve a lower centre of gravity.

Recognising a piece of Chesterfield furniture is easy as the traditional arms are rolled with studs embellished on the front with small buttons tightly hugging the material as though they are frightened of moving.Tightly wrapped in leather the material will stay firm. However, a Chesterfield sofa in a softer fabric would be able to move and stretch a little.At Chesterfields 1780 we are proud to continue providing quality Chesterfield furniture that fits in with both antique furniture and traditional furniture. Our furniture is made to the same high quality standards established many years ago.

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