Tilting hospital beds help with healthcare

Moving about on their own is an important part of healthcare for patients who have always been independent. Independence makes people feel better about their situation. When outside circumstances curtail independence, people can feel depressed and anxious. They can sometimes get despondent in relation to the future.

At Sidhil we have an established range of products including hospital beds, care home beds and beds for the home. We have tried to take the independence issue on board and address the issue with our latest designs.

Our hospital beds, care beds and beds that are made to suit patients individual needs can be raised, tilted and have special castors to stop the bed from moving.

The tilt movement helps with nursing care, aiming to make life easier for carers while allowing a person to be more confident about life in general.

If a patient requires home care they can ask a doctor what is the best nursing home bed and mattress will be suitable for their needs.

Our mattresses vary in design for patient care, according to the medical requirements needed to make life more comfortable.

All our hospital beds are able to have a basic mattress or a turning mattress to help stop bed sores.

Nursing home beds and care home beds all have benefited from our new designs.

Patients have new beds that offer safety in the form of easy to grip hand rails with extending bed lengths.

Some patients are allowed to stay home with essential nursing care. It is important that all medical requirements are adhered to, but staying in the home can prevent all sorts of negative feelings of disorientation.

We are in a position thanks to our use of the latest technology to be able to say to doctors and family members of a patient our new beds can meet individual needs without overlooking quality of life.

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