Tips for Bird Watching

Bird watching is a wonderful way to enjoy nature and observing birds is best done with bird watching binoculars. The best times for bird watching, sometimes known as “twitching”, is during migrations when the greatest variety of birds can be seen. In temperate climates like the UK, these times generally fall in between spring or autumn. The time of day is also important. Mornings are usually better as birds are more active and vocal which makes spotting them much easier, so have those binoculars ready for an early start.

Whether observing from the back garden or travelling to a new, unknown field, get an idea of what to expect by researching the types of birds most commonly known to inhabit the area. Always have a field guide at hand, as it will make identifying birds that much easier

Join a bird watching group. Whether new to the activity or a long time enthusiast, sharing the experience with like-minded twitchers can be very social as well as open up a wealth of new information.

Attracting birds
Attracting birds is easy. By planting the right flowers, having a supply of sunflower seeds or building a birdhouse, it is possible to influence what type of birds will be available to observe. Projects like this can also be a great way to involve friends and family.

Recording sightings
Keeping a record of bird sightings can be rewarding as well as practical. There are different ways of keeping records, from a personal journal or field notes to more contemporary ideas like a blog or webpage. This can also be a great way to interact with other enthusiasts.

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