Using a fake newspaper as a personalized gift

When we decide we want to get somebody a personalized gift the first things that spring to mind vary greatly from person to person. We may choose to go down the route of engraved goods such as pens or glasses, or items which they collect as a hobby.

Another popular route to go down is to choose presents that remind them of a specific time in their life or refer to a happy event. This may be anything from a summer vacation to their college graduation or wedding day.

Photographs and even music that brings back memories of this time are great, however to make the present as personalized as possible you need to go a step further. A fake newspaper is a great way to remember and celebrate a happy time in somebody’s life as the article is tailored purely around them and their stories.

At UR In The Paper Ltd we offer fake newspaper titles which are written to be as personal and flexible as you desire. We do offer a base article for you to work around and give you a head start; however you have the option to edit it or re-write it as you so wish.

The way that a fake newspaper article is so personal, is that there are very loose guidelines for the titles so they really give you free rein as to what the content is. No two fake newspaper articles are the same so they are truly unique to the person and without a doubt, a really thoughtful gift.

Even if you are not creative and are worried about not being able to produce a sufficient article, there is no need to panic. There will always be a vast selection of titles which you can choose from which are self explanatory and say what they mean in an instant.

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