Watching ‘free’ films online

Watching movies online can present lots of questions to the new online viewer. To begin, the term ‘free’ although means free download or streaming, other costs can sometimes be incurred. For example, you normally have to pay a nominal fee before you can join some free movie download sites and begin to download free films.

Although downloading or streaming movies onto computers is fairly straightforward, to stream and play movies on the TV you might need a PlayStation 3 and software (TVersity which is free) to enable this, so this is something to be aware of.

There are also questions about copyright and the validity of what you are doing when watching movies online. Is it legal just to download films from the internet when we are always being warned about buying and running pirated DVDs? The answer here is the term ‘free’, where people are not being requested for payment – therefore it is not illegal. Also you need to know that the site that you use is a licensed site. Before you join any online movie community and sign up for an account you should read their terms and conditions. Do this before downloading any free movies.

Finally, to get the best out of watching free online movies, you may need to think about downloading certain software to improve the picture quality such as the divx player or divx web player for example, but understand that this software will take up room on your computer. So if you have limited space or you’re using a shared wireless router, downloading these players could slow down your PC.

Taking account of the above, at The Only Device we offer a dizzying choice of free online movies for you to choose from, where you will be able to download movies onto your computer in HD, all for free.

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