Wear the best nightdresses you can find

That old T-shirt of yours no longer looks comfortable enough to sleep in. It is full of holes or it has stretched out so much over the years that you tend to think it’s your husband’s garden T-shirt. This is neither sexy nor desirable. And it does something to your self esteem, too.

Perhaps your T-shirt is made of polyester, rayon or some other fabric that doesn’t allow your skin to breathe, and especially not at night. And perhaps you’ve had this T-shirt for years and years. You’ve been wearing it for so long, you can’t remember what new nightwear feels like.

So it’s time to upgrade to something more aesthetically pleasing. You do a good job of presenting yourself at work or at the parent teacher meetings. So why not present that same image when you retire to bed or when you’re drinking tea on the balcony before you go to work?

The cooler winter months call for something warm. You want to feel nice and cosy in something snug, which could be either a nightdress or a nightshirt. This is when you want to wear fabrics such as brushed cotton and jersey. Long-sleeved nightdresses should keep you toasty enough to forgo the dressing gown. That is, if you also wear some socks, footsies, or slippers

The warmer summer months are the perfect time to wear something a bit more light-weight. Fabrics such as silk will make you feel special every time you wear it. It’s a great idea for hot summer nights and for those weekends when you want to feel and look your very best.

Have a go at vintage nightdresses for something romantic. You can find some gorgeous nightdresses at your local second-hand store. These items are often of extraordinary high quality and can often enough be transformed from nightwear to feminine daywear.

Find something that’s feminine and versatile enough to wear as daywear. Nightshirts can often be paired with your favourite pants for a rushed trip to the grocery store. And no-one will be the wiser. You want to be in touch with your feminine side when you’re relaxing in your nightwear.

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