Wedding jewellery trends for men

Although wedding rings are an enduring symbol of love and commitment – this does not mean that they are immune to the ever changing trends of fashion. Traditionally, men’s wedding rings could have been considered rather plain, with little to differentiate them from one another. The simple wedding band, which is just a small, plain, gold band, appeared to be a man’s only option to demonstrate his commitment – this was in comparison to women, who have not only the wide selection in diamond engagement rings, but also a multitude of options when it comes to wedding rings as well.

These days, wedding rings tend to move with general trends in jewellery fashion. Gold – although a timeless and classic metal – is not as in fashion at present with regards to wedding jewellery. Platinum and white gold are very popular with women for engagement rings – and as a result, for wedding rings for both women and men. Traditional gold is seen as being more vulgar, whereas white gold and platinum are understated with their beauty.

Jewels such as diamonds are no longer confined to women’s wedding jewellery – diamonds are now acceptable more and more on a man’s wedding band, either to match the bride’s ring or to add a little detail to an otherwise simple band. Although men tend to prefer less fuss in jewellery for their wedding day, this does not mean that their wedding rings cannot reflect their own unique personality or style. Jewellers such as us at Marlows have a wide selection of wedding rings for men and we can advise on different styles. Wedding bands can still reflect a modern or traditional style, simply by incorporating bevelled edges or flat sides and exterior. Wedding rings can be delicate bands that are understated, or they can feature a chunky design.

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