Wellie weather

Whatever else happens with the weather, everyone knows that you only have to wait long enough and there will be rain. There has certainly been enough rain this autumn to confirm the reputation of Britain as a damp and wet place.

When the weather is determined to throw water at you, the only thing to do is to use human ingenuity to thwart it. One of the simplest and most effective ways of dealing with wet weather and puddles is wellington boots. Wearing wellie boots may not seem much of a fashion statement, but if you think that, then you have not seen the wellington boots that are around these days. At Funky Wellingtons, you can find all sorts of designs of wellington boots, to suit wherever you are and whatever you are planning to do.

It is not only children who need to wear wellington boots in the rainy and wet weather. No-one wants to spend the day at work with wet feet because they were soaked in a cloudburst on the way to the station. Wearing a pair of colour co-ordinating wellies and keeping your shoes dry in a bag, makes sure that your day at work is spent with dry comfortable feet. It is horrid spending the day feeling your feet squelching in your shoes and your wet trouser hems slapping your ankles. All this can be avoided by wearing a pair of wellington boots. No need to feel that wellie boots aren’t suitable for everyday commuting, with today’s styles, they are positively trendy. There is the added advantage of not ruining your expensive shoes as well.

These days, it so often seems that when the rain comes, it is in torrential downpours and ordinary shoes and boots simply can’t withstand this sort of drenching, which is where wellington boots become so useful.

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