When an Audi convertible is cheaper than a minivan

If you have been eyeing the Audi Cabriolet for some time, but your purse strings have been pulling you back from splurging on one, car leasing could just be the thing for you. Car leasing is the ideal option for people who enjoy the luxury of driving around in new expensive cars.

When it comes to leasing, the luxury cars are surprisingly much more economic than the low priced cars. This is owing to the way the whole system of car leasing works. The lease price of a car is generally determined as the difference between the actual price of the brand new car and its estimated price (after wear and tear); at the end of the period you choose to have it in its possession.

The depreciation and wear and tear are usually high for the cheaper makes and models. Evidently, their re-sale value would be much lower after a few years of use. The high end cars on the other hand have very low rate of depreciation, and ultimately when you work out the lease value of your favourite luxury model, it would come to pretty much the same range as the “small cars” if you were to buy one!

In addition, unlike when buying a new car, you don’t have to pay a huge amount upfront, and you have the option of paying in affordable monthly instalments, for the period of time you would like to lease the car. For some of the best lease prices, make sure you check out Freedom Contracts for the latest offers.

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