When communication can save a relationship

Rifts in most relationships begin from misunderstanding. Most of us like to assume our partners understand us even if we do not communicate things to them directly. More than an assumption, it is often our expectation that they should know our minds more than anyone else. This expectation is often the root of most problems in a relationship.

After a long time into a genuine relationship, we begin to be able to read even the most subtle changes in their mood. However, with the amount of stress and work load that we are faced with today, we sometimes fail to tune into each other and miss out many cues that we hope the other would just understand. Women who are obsessive thinkers by nature sometimes misread the changes in our behaviour as waning interest in them- and often jump to their own conclusions.

When some may react by confrontation, some others just shrink into their own shells rather than trying to get things straight. For instance, erectile dysfunction and associated emotional strain can be a major cause of problems in a relationship, unless we are open to our partners about it. The strain in the physical intimacy will only be aggravated by the resulting emotional strain, if there isn’t genuine communication.

Now that medical help is also at hand with Viagra and other ED medication, men need not suffer in silence with ED anymore. With the support and love from your partner, and the right medication you will find yourself getting over the disorder much faster.

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