When You Recycle An Old Mobile and How Does It Really Make A Difference To The Environment?

There is every reason in the world to recycle your old mobile.A number of people with mobile phones have meant that the planet has been turned into somewhat of a ‘global village’ as communication increases at an incredible rate.

Many people crave to have the newest mobile phone as new technology is being added and upgraded all the time. This means that for every ten thousand people who have the latest upgrades, there are probably ten thousand people who have discarded their old handsets.

During the manufacturing process when creating mobile handsets there are many chemicals which are used that are dangerous to the environment. You may be surprised to know that some of these dangerous chemicals include antimony and even arsenic, which means that with every phone produced it is another danger to the environment. The seriousness of the situation is that mobile phone manufacturing involves specialist minerals which can only be found in the forests of Africa, and continual extraction of the minerals found in African forests exposes the earth to further risks.

One way in which you can make a great difference as an individual is to recycle your old mobile i.e. to be a part of all green electronic recycling movement because this reduces the continual need for excavation of these dangerous African minerals, which in turn will reduce the environmental risks.

If you trade in your mobile for cash with Mazuma Mobile you not only help to save the environment but also put some much needed extra cash in your pocket.

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