Why you should use online clearance sales to your advantage this year

Not only is shopping great for reviving our ailing economy, you can also find some of the greatest stocking fillers at all the many online clearance sales that some of your favourite retailers offer in the days, weeks and months after one of the big days. You can use these sites to find items from last Christmas, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day for a song. Use the money that you saved on buying these items to treat yourself to that special something you’ve always been meaning to buy but have always rationalised that you just can’t afford to.

There are some retailers whose clearance sections do not have a time limit, as other sites do; they offer all their special customers all the advantages of a sale, every single day of the year. This is better than Christmas, Easter and Channukah all arriving at the same time.

Retailers do this so that they can make way for the new items that they want to sell. They have to get rid of the older items so that there is more space for the newer items.

Most of the items on clearance sales have been reduced by at least 30% to offer you the best deals all around. And sometimes retailers will mark down some items by up to 60 or even 70%. What this means is huge savings on items that could make your gift shopping so much easier. You could stock up on items throughout the year and use them as stocking fillers at Christmas time or for birthdays, for example.

One of the best things about these online clearance sales is that they’re open to the general public; very few of these sales are on an invitation-only basis. Anyone can buy and have the goods shipped to where they are, though there are sometimes restrictions on where companies are willing to ship to.

Do not rely on clearance sales to do all of your shopping; do your general shopping at places where you find the right items at the best deals and try to fill the gaps with the loot you find at sites such as Oo.com.au that have no time limit on their clearance sales.

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