Worst shoe trends of all time

Many of us are guilty of wearing one of those completely ugly shoe trends and footwear, whether for comfort so some distorted idea of style. Or maybe you are just trying to be the centre of attention by wearing completely hideous fashion trends a la Lady Gaga? No matter what the reason; there really is no excuse for bad fashion, even on your feet. Here we look at some of the worst shoe trends ever.

10. Doc Martens

These heavy set military style boots were a hit in the late 80’s and early 90’s, and even enjoyed a revival in the noughties, but it will forever remain one of the worst shoe trends in history.

9. Clogs

Clogs are usually associated with the Netherlands or Sweden, and how we wish it stayed there. Traditional clogs were made of wood, but have been updated to suit the more modern woman.

8. Topless (strapless) sandals

Imagine looking like you are walking barefoot when you are not? This amazing feat is possible with topless sandals. They attach to your feet with an adhesive, making it look as if you are barefoot. If you wanted to be barefoot, wouldn’t you just take off your shoes?

7. High-heel sneakers

Why not take a traditional, modern shoe like a converse sneaker, combine it with some heels and a pointy front, and voila – an impractical, pointless and just plain ugly shoe trend. When you think sneakers, shouldn’t comfort come to mind? Perfect for those ex-tomboys who are finding the transition from girl to woman a bit difficult.

6. Ugg Boots

OK, Ugg boots can be hot, but it really depends on how you wear it, and most people wear it horribly wrong. Firstly, despite popular belief, Uggs are not meant to be worn in winter. It was actually created for surfers as a comfortable shoe to wear on the beach. It has however, become a permanent fixture during cold winter months as it keeps the feet warm and toasty. Unfortunately, Ugg boots doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.

5. Jelly Shoes

These transparent shoes were designed in Europe thanks to a rather inconvenient leather shortage during World War II. How they managed to creep into modern society and live to tell the tale we will never know.

4. Clear heels

While some may find the appeal in these sexy shoes, unless you want to be mistaken for a lady of the night, steer ‘clear’ of clear heels.

3. Platform sneakers

Hot on the ‘heels’ of high heeled sneakers come platform sneakers, made famous by the once popular Spice Girls during the late 90’s. Keep in mind that the Spice Girls were not exactly high up on the best-dressed list – they thought Union Jack mini-dresses and glittering hot pants were hot.

2. Furry Boots

Take Ugg boots a step further with furry boots, your answer to wearing a yeti on your legs.

1. Crocs

Possibly the worst shoe trend of the decade, crocs became popular due to their comfort, practicality and wide array of colours. But thankfully, it seems this trend has reached its sell by date with declining sales reported worldwide.

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