70s and 80s fancy dress

The perfect idea for a man for a fancy dress outfit or fancy dress costume is 70s and 80s fancy dress costume. The men in the 70s had a whole load of fun with their fashion, their clothes and their hair. Psychedelic printed shirts, lycra pants, jazzy shoes and extremely hairy chests. A man living in the 70s had to make a disco king fashion statement.

Men in the 70s who were going to a disco would often wear bell bottom and flared trousers that were made of material such as lycra. Shiny satin shirts were all the rage sported with a giant gold medallion. If you decide to go to a fancy dress party in a 70s fancy dress outfit, then think about how John Travolta dressed. White flares always look great with a black open shirt and white jacket and don’t forget those white platform shoes to make your fancy dress outfit more authentic.

Men’s shirts were always worn with three buttons that undone so they could show off their hairy chests. However, do not worry if this is something that you do not have, as fake hair can be purchased to go with your costume. Hairstyles were usually long and poker straight or to the other extreme they were curly with extremely tight curls along with a black moustache.

Coloured shirts were all the rage and perfect with a frilled shirt. Flower designs on shirts are also a great fancy dress costume and some coloured glasses to finish your costume off.
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