Using plastic wallets

In many offices and homes, there is often a need to file away paperwork and other documentation. However, despite the need for items to be tidied away and kept secure, it is often necessary to find paperwork quickly without the need to empty out the entire contents of binders or organisers.

One way of viewing paper items even when filed away in ring binders or lever arch files is to utilise stationery items such as clear plastic wallets or punched pockets.
These are generally A4 in size, though they can also be purchased in A3 and A5 varieties, and are made from clear, transparent polypropylene.
When paper items are inserted inside these wallets, they can still be viewed without the need to remove them from these wallets.
These wallets have holes punches already inserted along the full length of the spine which allows them to be inserted into any types of folders such as two or four pronged varieties.
In a ring binder for instance, documents such as insurance policies and contracts can be immediately viewed and studied without fuss. If filed in a certain order, they can then be viewed in this sequence without having to remove and then replace the paperwork.

These office supplies are ideal for the storage of photographs or sketches and can be utilised to create portfolios. These can be used for the presentation of work or ideas to potential or existing clients and customers. These wallets can also be used for the transportation of documents from one place to another whilst keeping the paper clean and dry.

At Supplies Web, we have a range of plastic wallets which are ideal stationery items for the filing needs of most businesses. We have a variety of these punched pockets from the ‘economy’ varieties to the extra strong and eco friendly types. Consider durability and so on when you order your stationery supplies.

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