A kitchen that will serve you well

Starting a catering business can be a complex affair with all the planning involved and the sourcing of catering equipment that will be hard wearing as well as affordable. Finding a reliable equipment supplier can help to alleviate much of the worry regarding your catering equipment. Over the years you may require replacements at short notice and if you have built up a solid relationship with your kitchen equipment supplier you will have no worries.

Before purchasing any catering equipment it may be a good idea to decide what kind of food you are going to be cooking as you will have to make sure that you have al the equipment you require. A chef will need the correct equipment that is of a high standard to enable him to cook good food that is well presented to your customers. It is important to plan the layout of your kitchen and an experienced commercial kitchen designer may be required to help you to optimise all available space.

There are many food hygiene rules which have to be strictly adhered to and this must be acknowledged before planning your kitchen as you will have to make provision in your layout. For instance, you have to have a separate sink to wash your hands and another to wash and prepare food. These details may make a big difference to the layout of your kitchen. Storing food at different temperatures will require fridges and freezers as well as an area to store dry foods.

A specialist company such as ours at Commercial Kitchens will be able to plan and design your kitchen as well as supply top quality catering equipment at low prices. We can help you to equip any size kitchen on a budget and offer payment terms to help you spread the cost.

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