Designer kitchens and bathrooms: real solutions for real people

Contrary to some suspicions, designer kitchens and designer bathrooms have little to do with imposing meaningless fashions and expensive décor on people. Rather they are the culmination of detailed planning and careful listening to homeowners’ problems and wishes.

The cost of a complete designer package, which covers everything from planning to installation, is often cheaper than many homeowners imagine. Moreover, in finding real long-term solutions, designer kitchens and bathrooms will often save homeowners money in the long term by their no longer having to waste funds on seemingly endless attempts to mask rather than finally deal with their bathroom or kitchen frustrations.

Kitchens and bathrooms suffer from having to serve two distinct roles at once; as utility rooms and hospitality rooms. In some cases the utility aspect of a bathroom or kitchen can be found wanting; a lack of cupboard space in the kitchen for example or a sink being in an awkward part of a bathroom.

In other cases a kitchen may reveal itself to be embarrassingly short on space whenever visitors happen to congregate there; or a bathroom may prove impossible to de-clutter, even when it is known in advance that guests are due to turn up.

In the worst cases kitchens and bathrooms may serve ineffectively in both roles, either as utility rooms or guest areas.
By sitting down with a qualified designer, several options for improvement can be discussed. It may be found, for example, that certain units will help optimise storage space in a bathroom or kitchen; or that creative use of existing floor space may provide the opportunity for a seated dining area in a kitchen.

At Increation, we put our all into offering full value-for-money, long-term individual solutions for kitchens and bathrooms, and we are with you all the way, from planning through to final installation.

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