A win-win situation for people looking to furnish their home or apartment in Bulgaria

The Bulgaria Retails Association (BRA) may have recently affirmed the latest data produced by Eurostat, the EU statistical office, by confirming that retail sales over the recent festive season did not do anything to help revenue for businesses in the retail sector in Bulgaria.

The retails sales measures incorporate the usual items such as electrical goods, clothing and textiles and even furniture in Bulgaria.

With sales performance in furniture continuing to show a downward trend it is clear that many consumers are electing to stick with what they have rather than spend hard earned money on new furniture.

Negotiation on price for anyone wanting to make a purchase continues to prove difficult with Bulgarian furniture sales shops refusing to move on their price, even for bulk orders to the individual.

This can be even more difficult to negotiate if you are living in the UK and looking to buy furniture packages in Bulgaria to furnish your newly acquired holiday home.

Working with a company with strong links, and the poor sales performance in furniture stores, it is possible to reap the benefits of a company’s enhanced negotiation skills and buying power, which can pay dividends for anyone that is looking to buy furniture in Bulgaria.

A lot of the hassle is taken away for you in the process providing you with a win-win situation.

At Lets Furnish Bulgaria we are a UK based company formed in 2005 to offer furnishing solutions in Bulgaria and we are the perfect choice for UK residents looking to furnish their home in Bulgaria. We have, over the years, built up an enviable reputation for our very strong links with many of the top furniture stores in Bulgaria, suppliers and manufacturers and have managed procurement of furniture packages for their UK customers in Bulgaria for several years building up a plethora of experieince.

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