Fitting homelifts in the family home

Most people do not think about the possibility of needing a homelift and don’t realise that even an ordinary home can be converted to have a homelift installed. With expert engineers such as we have at Lift Able you can be sure that we will be able to give you the advice you need to get the installation that is right for your home.

For families who have someone who is not mobile and needs the use of a homelift, having one in the home makes a huge difference. Instead of having all the upheaval of moving to a bungalow, you can carry on living in your own home in the familiar area you know, and your family members can use the upstairs of the house.

With a family member who has mobility problems it is even more important that you stay in your home area where you have friends and family who can give help if you need it and who you know are there to support you every day.

If that family member is a child, it is often the case that as a child grows, so the problem of not being able to use the stairs becomes more of a problem. Small children are often carried anyway so there is not a great deal of difference, but as they get bigger and heavier you need to find a different solution.

This is where homelifts become a good idea so that you don’t hurt your back trying to lift an older child, when really it is more than you can manage. Many families have thought that maybe they would have to move to a bungalow, even though they didn’t want to, and then found that to their relief, homelifts are available for ordinary homes with little hassle at all.

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