Adding water features to your garden

There is something relaxing and tranquil about the sound of running water. Perhaps it reminds us of being on our holidays or takes us back to nature so that we feel a natural calm that we cannot explain.

Whatever the reason, adding a water feature to your own garden can really have a dramatic effect. Not only will it look stunning and create a feature that visitors will envy, it will also provide you with that beautiful cascading sound that will transform your garden’s atmosphere.

When adding a water feature it is worth doing your homework. Think about the type of features which you like. Fountains are one of the most popular and are much more economically friendly as they can re-use the same water.

Although it might be tempting to place a fountain directly in the middle of your garden, it is worth considering the functionality of the garden too. Think about where the children will play and where the adults will relax, and also if you use your garden for other activities such as sports or entertaining.

Imagine where your garden furniture sets are going to be for instance, there is no point having a beautiful water feature if it is right in the middle of where you usually dine. As the sound of a water feature is one of the most beautiful things about it, do have garden furniture sets close by so the sound of the water is within earshot. At Chic Teak our range of garden furniture sets come in various styles so would be perfect for complementing a water feature or garden centrepiece.

Water features are not as complicated to install as you may initially think. If you are not at all confident then get some help or advice, however in most cases a water feature can be put in yourself.

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