Choosing the right security cameras for low light conditions

Weighing the advantages of the various kinds of equipments could be difficult, when security and your budget are the main concerns. When one kind would offer you all the security features you are looking for you might just have to settle for something else because it wouldn’t fit into your budget. With some patience and research, you can now get hold of many supreme quality security equipments that fit into your budget range.

Infra Red (IR) security cameras are for instance usually considered the best option for operating in the dark or in very low light conditions. They are equipped with their own source of light, and when the surrounding light falls below a pre-programmed level, the emitters in the camera automatically take over and emit the IR light that does not fall in the visible light range of the human eye. However, they do produce a slight orange glow which could be a give away, if you intend to use it for covert purposes. Also, if you intend to capture images at greater distances, you can do so by having more emitters to light up distant areas. If you are on a limited budget that would not be a wise option, as they can be quite expensive.

Under such circumstances, low light security cameras with varifocal lens are worth consideration. They make use of the available ambient light and are not as expensive as the IR ones. But they would not be able to function in pitch dark conditions as the IR cameras can.

The choice is all a matter of your requirement and your decision. But with some guidance and some time to spare for research you could strike some very good deals. At CCTV4U we offer you the best deals in all categories. To know more, please feel free to contact us or go through our online catalogue. CCTV systems and security cameras are complicated, so obtain guidance.

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