Advice on buying banner stands

When looking for promotional materials to help market your business, there is so much choice that it can be difficult to know what you are looking for. Let us clarify precisely what we mean by banner stands. Banner stands are display stands that are used to display whatever visual banner you require and are portable – easily moveable and ideal to set up from location to location.

Although, under the umbrella of ‘banner stands’, there are lots of different types, in the main they share the common characteristics of being free standing and portable.

They are therefore very flexible for your marketing needs – wherever you are taking your company message, banner stands are transportable and an easy way to gain impact whether your business is at a trade fair or exhibition. If you think you would benefit from using banner stands in your company marketing, the next step is to establish what kind will best suit your needs. Firstly, in the current climate, budget probably plays a large part – fortunately, companies such as The Image Group offer a range of banner stand options for varying budgets. Secondly, know where is your business marketing likely to take you – to shopping centres, large exhibition halls or airports. Knowing where you are most likely to require you banner stands means that you can secure the right size and style for your needs.

Is the banner going to be the main focus of your exhibition space? If so, you might want to choose the largest banner available within budget. Does your banner need to be seen above crowds of people? Then, you may require a style with telescopic poles to enable you to adjust the height of your banner. How many times you use your banner stands will also require consideration – well used display materials need to be made from durable material in order to remain in good condition and therefore reflect your business in the best possible light.

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