Big banners, big impact

Advertising banners are a great way to attract attention and get your company or product message across. Forget billboards and street furniture, what has more impact in a city centre than a building wrapped in an enormous advertising banner? It says something about the advertisers on those advertising banners – that they are big brands with the potential to enter the collective unconscious.

The quality of those banners, however, is as much to do with their impact as their size. Inferior quality banners can let the advertising down and reflect badly on the brand. For banners of a reasonable size, whether for indoor or outdoor use, PVC is an ideal, low cost material. PVC banners can be printed full colour with a good photo quality image – and on such a heavy duty material which ensures durability – essential for outdoor advertising or for a banner that is going to be used time and time again as they do not tear or fray.

If the environment is your concern and you are going to be changing your banners from time to time, there are even biodegradable options on PVC banners. For really large advertising displays, mesh PVC banners are ideal – and safe. Mesh PVC has an open weave and ensures that no safety issues arise from any extreme weather conditions such as high winds which could be disastrous behind a large solid piece of vinyl in a busy public space! The mesh PVC is still durable and hardy enough for other weather conditions such as extreme heat or frost and from an advertiser point of view, the reproduction of their advertising image is still of a very high quality.

If you are not sure what material is best for your company’s banner needs, then suppliers such as us at The Image Group, will be able to offer help on attaining the most appropriate solution.

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