Alternatives to hotels in Manchester and Liverpool

When you have to stay in Liverpool or Manchester for a few days, one night or even a month then you might be glad of an alternative to stopping in hotels. Serviced city apartments are a popular choice with those in the know and if you take an apartment for your stay then the chances are that you will chose apartments for any future city stop over. Manchester and Liverpool are two of the greatest northern cities in England and you should really afford the time to absorb the best aspects of both.

Taking an apartment gives you far more freedom than a hotel. It is like having your own home within the city. You come and go as you please, eat when you want, get up to fit your own timetable and generally treat the place like home.If you are a business person it can make a huge difference to your quality of when you have to stop away from your real home.

If you take an apartment you get far more space and comforts, with your own living area you can kick off your shoes and sit on the sofa and relax instead of being restricted to lying on the bed to watch TV or sitting in a hard chair to do some work on your laptop. As well as living space you will have your own kitchen to use or not to use as you please, but it takes less time to eat in your own place than having to go to a hotel dining room.

Serviced City Pads was set up specifically to find the right apartments for people stopping in the cities of the UK who want, or need, a little more than just a room. While hotels in Manchester or Liverpool have their place in the accommodation market, serviced apartments just offer more.

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