Family accommodation in Edinburgh

If you are taking the family to Edinburgh for a few days or longer, you will need to find accommodation and may be thinking about staying in hotels in Edinburgh. From experience, many of us already know that children and hotel bedrooms are not always the perfect mix.

If they are in a different bedroom then we worry about them, and if they are in the same bedroom, chances are that we never get any time to ourselves as hotel rooms are usually so cramped. There’s also a high probability that the child will be sleeping on a camp bed, making the room feel a lot more cramped and congested. For families going on holiday, though, it doesn’t have to be like this.

Taking a serviced city apartment can be just the solution to the dilemmas associated with sharing hotel rooms. Having an apartment means that the kids get separate bedrooms, there is a lounge for chilling out together and well equipped kitchen. The kitchen is especially welcome if you have a picky eater.

As the children can go to bed when you want, then for those who have children who do not do well outside their normal routine it can be great and the difference between a nightmare break and one that you would like to do again, tomorrow. The biggest advantage of a serviced apartment over hotels in Edinburgh is the huge flexibility that it gives the entire family to chose where, when and how they want to live their holiday.

At Serviced City Pads we have apartments that range from 3* to luxury 5*, with varying numbers of bedrooms; we are bound to have something that will fit your family during your stay in Edinburgh.If you are contemplating taking a break with much of your family, a city apartment is worthy of serious consideration.

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