Bamboo is the new fashion accessory

Did you know that bamboo is now often used as a fashion statement?
There are two main methods of processing bamboo before it can be used in a diversity of applications:

• The first method of processing bamboo into fibre for fabric is a mechanical process similar to that used on hemp or flax. It involves crushing the stalks of the bamboo and then allowing the natural enzymes to break it down further
• The second method is similar. However at the stage where there are chemical used to break the fibres they are processed through mechanical spinnerets. The chemicals contain strong acids and retailers can take this fabric for the fashion industry.
However, sometimes bamboo can be used in other ways. Importantly, bamboo is a natural choice for many instruments including wind and percussion.
In northern states of India, bamboo paste is known as a local folk remedy to treat infertility, menstrual pains and impotence. One legend from Malaysia is about a man who dreams of a beautiful woman while sleeping under a bamboo plant. If the bamboo is broken when he wakes up he will find his beautiful woman inside.
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