Wall brackets or TV brackets: what do I need?

When you are purchasing TV furniture and don’t know what you want to buy to display your new plasma or LCD TV then you need to consider a few facts to help you make a decision. This list may help you decide:

• Type of TV – what type of television have you bought is it a new large plasma TV or a smaller model? Have you decided to buy yourself a second hand conventional TV to save money? Whatever type of TV you have bought you, you still have an option of TV brackets and wall brackets available in the market for you to choose from

• The room – obviously you will have already decided which room you are going to be putting your new TV, but if you choose to put it in the kitchen it is always highly advised to go for wall brackets or wall mounts so you can give yourself as much working space as you need and the TV is out of the way of potential spillages

• A corner or a main wall – when you first get your TV back to your home it will be the first time that you can actually physically see whether the place you had in mind for it is going to suffice . Some people buy their TV and then realise they have to change their rooms around for better viewing options because the TV is too big or too small for the place they were going to initially put it. Whether you have decided to put your TV in the corner or along the main wall you will find corner TV cabinets, corner wall mounts and wall and TV brackets and those that are suitable for the main wall

When you need a great selection of wall brackets, TV cabinets and any other TV furniture you can’t go wrong with us at The Plasma Centre.

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