Banners and Signage at sports venues

Shows, concerts and exhibitions rarely take place these days without any sponsorship. Rather than the ticket costs themselves, a large proportion of income comes from advertising sponsorship at a venue. This is especially true of competitive sports events, which are virtually unthinkable without some sort of sponsorship. Sports venues are filled with relevant advertisers who have taken advantage of the captive audience at these events, an audience who are in the right mood, and mode, to consume the messages.

Running a sports venue therefore means that it is essential that you create space to display attractive sports signage. Advertising space in these locations usually comes in the form of banners, posters or LED digital displays.Creating areas where these signs and banners can be displayed in high dwell time and high footfall areas ensures that you have a good chance of appealing to advertising spend, an important source of revenue. Not only that, banners and signs can be used to display own-brand messages within the venue for a professional and consistent look. This is especially important if the sports venue doubles as a business or conference facility when not hosting sporting events.

Getting professional signage and banners at your venue is therefore essential for both the appeal to advertisers and for a professional branded look for your venue. Here at The Image Group, we have experience in working from start to finish on the makeover of a stadium venue, starting from planning to manufacturing to installation.

If, on the other hand, you are an advertiser looking to target a sports event but do not have the funds to pay for official sponsorship rights, there are ways to hijack an event with some highly targeted banner options.Banners en route to the event, or temporary pop up banners, will ensure a presence at the event without an expensive outlay.

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