Security is not smoke and mirrors

There is a simple answer to the question of how one person can be in two places at the same time, closed circuit TV. Using CCTV in your business premises allows you to have visual access to all areas that you consider important at all times.

For instance, in a retail outlet the biggest threat on a day to day basis may be shoplifters.Having CCTV in strategic points throughout the shop with someone designated to watch for shop lifters is actually far more likely to catch a thief than using the services of in-store detectives, or hoping that the staff will spot the theft.

Should you have a large industrial premises then installing CCTV security cameras means that your night watchman, or security guard, can keep an eye on what is happening around the premises without having to do as many patrols. For many businesses this can mean that not as many security staff need to be employed which can make significant savings. The actual placement on the CCTV security cameras is essential in making sure that the system is as efficient as possible and this should be done with input from existing staff.

Having a firm that specializes in installing security systems is essential when you are considering CCTV security cameras, if you want to make it effective. At SecurityCAM we are able to advise you and to carry out the work for you.You need to be sure that the firm you use has consultants who have the knowledge and experience needed and have also been police screened. If you have alarms fitted as part of the system then you need a firm that has been approved by the National Standards Inspectorate and been awarded ADT status. If you need to be in two places at one time think CCTV.

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