Bathroom mixer taps

Choosing the right bathroom taps to match your bathroom decor may at first appear to be a pretty simple process but in actual fact there are many factors which must be considered before finalising a decision.

Not only does the colour and finish of the bathroom taps have to be considered but also the faucet options need to be fully considered.

One of the most common options with bathroom taps is the traditional hot and cold taps on separate faucets. These are easy to use and offer a clear distinction between hot and cold water. However, it can be difficult to strike a balance when warm water is needed and both hot and cold need to be combined. You can find yourself scolding your hands one second, and freezing them the next!

A perfect solution to this issue is to opt for mixer taps. These are taps which do not have separate faucets for hot and cold water but rather the water comes from a single tap unit.

This allows for the complete control of the water flow with one quick turn. Both the water pressure and, most importantly, the temperature can be more easily controlled and leads to stress free washing and rinsing without the risk of burning your hands on the hot water.

Since there is only one tap instead of two, less water is used; making these taps much more environmentally friendly and less wasteful. This will also save you money in water bills if you are on a water meter.

At Bathroom2u we can offer a range of mixer bathroom taps in different designs and finishes and they are suitable for all styles of wash basins and baths.
Mixer taps are considered to look more elegant and stylish than the two tap option. Often sleeker and more aesthetically pleasing, these bathroom taps can really enhance the look of any bathroom.

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