Different types of shower doors

Having a shower in the bathroom is increasingly popular these days because of the time-saving benefits over running a bath. Showers also save on water, which can save you money if you are on a water meter (and is also better for keeping your carbon footprint smaller), and they are a great alternative to a bath tub if the bathroom in question is very small or compact.

The look of your shower will make a big ompact on the overall look of your bathroom, so you need to take all aspects into consideration and this includes the shower doors you choose.

There are a wide choice of different shower doors available and it is vital to take into account the size of the bathroom and the position of the shower in it before selecting the shower doors for your bathroom.

For instance, if a wide opening into the shower is required, bi-fold shower doors can be the ideal solution. These doors fold in on themselves and offer a very broad gap that allows you to get into the shower.

Sliding shower doors are perhaps the most common option and can generally be cheaper and require less room than other types of doors. These points make them an ideal option for smaller bathrooms and they are also a good choice for mounting above bath tubs if you have a showerhead installed over your bath.

Hinged shower doors can make entering the shower easy but for these types of shower doors there must be sufficient space in the bathroom to allow for the swing. Therefore hinged shower doors are not always ideal for smaller bathrooms.

At Bathroom2u we can offer a wide range of shower doors with a variety of opening and closing options so you can be sure to find the style and practicality that you want.

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