Bathroom radiators to keep you warm

When you are in the bath or shower there is nothing worse than having to get out of it into a cold bathroom and potentially catch a chill. If you get out into a bathroom that is too cold, after being in a boiling hot bath or shower, you could catch a chill, which could lead to a cold and that could then lead to time off work or school.This is when having bathroom radiators is very important as it takes the chill out of your bathroom and makes sure that when you get out of the bath; you get out into a warm environment.

When the bathroom radiators are not being used to heat the bathroom you can also use them to place your wet, damp towels on so that they can dry and be ready to use again. This is very helpful as having wet, damp towels around that cannot dry usually results in them smelling damp and very unpleasant, which means that they need to be washed more frequently than normal.

Here at SMR Bathrooms we have a wide range of bathroom radiators to choose from. They come in a range of shapes and sizes so that there is a bathroom radiator to suit all bathrooms,no matter how big or small your bathroom.

There is also a wide choice of bathroom radiators, such as cast iron radiators – which are a more straight forward old fashioned design. There are also column radiators. However,these depend on how big your bathroom is and the space that you have on the wall for the radiator to be fixed to.There is also a selection of designer radiators that have mirrors on. These radiators can be curved, and they come in a range of patterns and designs. They even come with a bench if this is something that you need.

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