Define your garden

If you enjoy gardening there is no better hobby. You can while away many an hour in the outdoors working the earth, sowing seeds and watching as your garden grows and changes throughout the seasons. If you have a new home garden which is little more than a plot of rectangular land in the yard you should think about adding garden fencing or a garden wall to create charm and character. It will define your garden space and give you a sense of security and ownership.

If you are building a wall you can make it simple or plan it out and create a wall that is more involved. On a limited budget you can look at building a wall yourself with flat flagstones. To do this dig a six inch trench around the garden, then take large flat stones to create the base of the wall. Medium sized stones can be used then to make the main body of the wall and smaller stones can be used to fill in any cracks and crevices. This not only creates a stunning finish but can make a natural border.

Another stunning way to define the garden is to use garden fencing. You’ll find a wide range of choices and designs to choose from and they can be great for putting up around both vegetable and flower gardens. Garden fencing is usually found in metal or wood and you’ll find something to suit your own tastes and make your garden feel unique and individual to you. Again there are simple designs or more ornate and elaborate styles. They are easily assembled and you can put them up easily yourself.

Whether you choose to build a wall or erect garden fencing the results can be stunning offering privacy and protection to your garden.

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