Benefits of a wet room

If somebody had said the words wet room ten years ago, nobody would have a clue what they were talking about. Nowadays however, a wet room is modern and trendy and highly practical.

A wet room is basically a bathroom. However, instead of having a separate shower cubicle the entire room is covered from floor to ceiling with bathroom tiles. Often there will be a glass screen to separate the shower area. Really the whole room is in fact one big shower room.

At first thought you may think that everything will get wet- however, wet rooms are designed in a specific way so that this does not happen. Bathroom tiles are placed so that they create a drainage system to the plug in the centre of the shower area, so the water does not run across the whole room but is confined to a space, and the screen will prevent any water from splashing around.

There are many benefits to having a wet room. From a cosmetic point of view they do look stunning. A wet room is modern and streamlined with no awkward edges or different materials. To get the most immaculate look, people often use the same bathroom tiles on the floors and the walls. If a contrast is required then stick to similar shades or two key colours so the whole look is pulled together. Our bathroom tiles at the Online Tile Shop include some great choices for both versions of a wet room.

A wet room is particularly good for people with mobility or joint problems who struggle to get into a bath or shower because the level of the bathroom is the same all the way through. A wet room is also a lot easier to clean, as you can literally just wash it all down at once, giving you a modern yet easier lifestyle.

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