Benefits of divan beds

Divan beds were originally just box-shaped, cushioned seats, but it was found that by placing an extra mattress over the divan, it could be turned it into a very comfortable bed. With the ability to be sofas by day and beds at night time, interest in divans has become resurgent and they are again very popular. Designed with versatility in mind, here are some useful features offered by divan beds:

Space saving
Divan beds are great way to maximise space. Because of their box construction, divans can easily be combined, having castors on the bottom, and topped with a suitable mattress, ready for sleeping. However, in daytime, the bed can simply be taken apart. Foldable mattresses for the divan can easily be stored in a wardrobe or cupboard when the bed is not in use. When the mattress has been adequately stored, the divans can then be rolled into position and used as backless sofas. Homes where space is an issue such as flats or bungalows will especially benefit from this feature.

Storage options
As divans became more practical and comfortable inside the bedroom, further design use was made of the actual divan bases. Most modern divan beds now have built-in drawers or cabinets, making them ideal for storing extra bedding or other clutter. The compartments normally open up to the side, or when space is a problem, the drawer can be found at the bottom end of the bed.

By simply putting together additional divans, the bed can be easily expanded from a single to form a double or even a king size bed. Hotels do this to adjust guests’ sleeping arrangements depending on their requirements. In the home, modular divans can be very beneficial when children have outgrown their single beds or when a larger mattress is needed.

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