What are jiffy bags?

Jiffy mail bags are the types of office supplies which are used to protect delicate and breakable items which need to be delivered from a supplier to a customer.

These specialist envelopes are designed to prevent any types of breakages from occurring to the items being posted, and can help foster better relations with customers who expect their goods to be delivered to them in one piece.

The jiffy mail bag contains a layer of bubble wrap type material. This padding helps cushion the item inside and keeps the object intact.

Generally these types of stationery items are extremely durable and can withstand a great deal of handling and maltreatment, which can often be experienced during transit.
These envelopes are tear resistant and can withstand many extremes in weather such as rain and the cold.

Extra strong ranges can be utilised for heavier and bulkier items and these varieties usually have extra hard wearing glue sealants on the edging to better contain these larger goods.
With a self-sealing strip many of these jiffy envelopes are quick to use and do not require damp sponges or the licking of these items. For hygiene reasons, these are also ideal postage tools.

Other types of padded envelopes which utilise shredded and pulped paper can be relatively heavy and can substantially add to postage costs due to this extra weight. Jiffy mail envelopes however, are very light in comparison and can be utilised to keep postage costs to a minimum and help keep overall costs to the customer at a reduced level.

At Supplies Web we can supply various types of jiffy bags in a wide range of sizes and in both white and brown colours. We can provide both standard and recycled versions of these stationery supplies with peel and seal options to make the packaging process quicker and more hygienic.

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